Frequently asked questions

I saw an item advertised on the site, will it be in store?

We recommend giving the business a call first as we can't guarantee the item's availability or the price it is listed at.

Who can be featured on the site?

Any business / service / activity in the Charters Towers Regional Council area can be featured on "in the Towers". Proof of residency may be requested before your page is published to ensure that you are within the council area.

What section will I be in?

It depends on the nature of your business as to where you will best fit. For example, Makers must be creating a product in the Charters Towers regional area - people that are independently selling items they did not personally create, will be considered retailers.

Do I need to have a website already?

No. Not all businesses need, or can afford their own website. You can use your custom page on in the Towers as your business' website whenever you are asked for one.

How much does it cost?

A basic listing on a directory page is free. See our Hair & Beauty Directory as an example. Free listings just contain the title, address, phone, description and one URL.

If you would like dedicated page for your business on this site, it's cheaper than having your own website. The funds cover the cost of running the website and may also be used to promote the site and the makers, retailers and services offered in the Towers via Google Ads, targeted Facebook ads, radio advertising or features in The Northern Miner.

A dedicated page costs $5 per month or $50 per year paid upfront. Community events / services, schools, sporting clubs and not-for-profits are not charged.

For multi-page businesses (up to five pages) it's $10 per month or $100 per year paid upfront. See 'A Champion Event NQ' under Services as an example of a multi-page business.

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How are payments made?

Payments via PayPal are preferred. If you don't have a PayPal account, direct deposit can be arranged. You will be invoiced after your page is live so there is no risk.

Is there any minimum commitment?

No, you can ask for your page to be removed at any time.

What will I need to provide?

We'll ask for your logo (if you have one), a brief description of your business / service, the best contact details for your customers to use and any photos you have of your products (you must have copyright for the photo i.e. you took the photo or have permission to use the photo).

We'd also like to include some information about you so we can make it personal, so a photo of you and a bit of information about when you started the business, why you started the business, and how long you've lived in the Charters Towers Regional Council area would be great. Check out some of the other pages under Services to get an idea.

Ok, I'll give it a go. How do I sign up?

Visit the join page and select your plan then fill in the form.

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